Dwarf Citrus Trees To Grow At Home


‘Bouquet de Fleurs’, a sour orange, grows to only around 8 to 10 feet, and ‘Chinotto’, another sour orange, can be kept small in a container.


These plants are naturally smaller than other citrus trees, and dwarf varieties may reach only about 4 feet tall, making them perfect for small spaces and containers.

Our Choice To Grow Indoors


For apricots, it’s incredibly important to use a potting compost without soil and cross pollinate with other flowers.


Keep peaches indoors in a well-lit, sunny are. When the tree begins to bear fruit, they will require higher temperatures of 65 to 70 degrees.

Your Citrus Tree Care And Upkeep

Avoid Frosty Nights

Cover plants with a cloth, keeping it away from the branches and leaves, or spray with an antitranspirant, available at nurseries.


Feed your tree three times a year: in late winter, spring and summer. A citrus fertilizer is your best choice.

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1. Understand the light and temperature requirements of citrus – Citrus trees need 8 hours of sun. A sunny, wind-free location is ideal. Citrus trees are very frost-sensitive and must be protected or moved inside to a covered area in cold weather.

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Opt for a gritty soil. Set your citrus tree up for success by choosing a gritty soil composed of two parts sand and one part potting mix, Giannelli recommends. “This allows water to drain and stay a bit moist, so as not to have wet roots,” he says.

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